Thursday, April 26, 2012

Indoor Recess Tips

 Geez Louise!  .. . .. . I probably should blog on my OWN page more often than on everyone else's ;)
Ya'll just have so much amazing stuff that I want to try that it makes me BUSY!

But I'm back in the game!
Phew! *wipes forehead*

Living in Michigan, we get a whole LOT of indoor recesses! No, not because of the snow, we LIKE the snow (sillies), because of the COLD. When temperatures are too low the students aren't allowed to be outside. It's hardcore like that *ha!*
Now, this winter would not be a very good example of a typical intense northern winter, it was a SUPER BUMMER! ... .. but we still had way too many indoor recesses for my liking due to yucky, cold, rain - this we do NOT like.

And so, if any of you deal with indoor recess as much as we do, here are some ideas to help make it less chaotic, decently quiet, and somewhat enjoyable :)

Bring out the whiteboards!
I don't let the kiddos draw on the regular whiteboard with my markers since they mysteriously get shoved inside (you know what I mean, the little marker disappears into the plastic, deeming it destroyed for future use!), run out, or lost, but I have a big bin with personal whiteboards and "kiddo" markers with little erasers. This particular group LOVES to draw! (yes, that is a purple British Flag - we're studying the 13 colonies!)

Table games:
I have a cabinet filled with inexpensive, fun games such as Pictionary, Go Fish, Uno, Jenga (all of which can be easily picked up at garage sales) and my kids ultimate favorite: mini-foos ball {SP??}! The greatest after Thanksgiving sale I have found yet! (shout out to Menards!)

Organized movement activities:
I found this tix-tac-toe bean bag toss for 2 dollars at a garage sale and the "Bags" (or for others of you ... "Corn Hole") boards again were a great Menards after Thanksgiving sale. Both of these games keep the kids being active but contained to an actual event - not just needlessly running around the room!

Love my readers .... . it makes my heart happy! (gotta love Kindles too!)

Not pictured: 
Play dough - my kids LOVE making things with this and it keeps them occupied quietly for hours!

.. ... .. . and because my football instincts are reviving as I watch the 2012 NFL Draft - here is Dudley welcoming in the season!

What activities do you have for your kids when inside recess weather rolls in?? 

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