Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Life: The Lake

spent a lovely spring afternoon walking The Lake shore by myself
there truly is something addicting about "The Lake" yes, here in Michigan, it is a proper noun :)
one can find many reasons why so many of us, here in the lovely state of Michigan, cherish The Lake
and while not having scary sea animals and salt water constitute for a large portion some of the reasoning, many reasons are so much deeper. .. .. .
at times, i think our fascination is paired with the connection the lake brings to memories. .   ..... .

friendships cultivated
swimming lessons learned
earliest memories of playing at the beach
family time
cookouts enjoyed
Church gatherings and potlucks
holidays celebrated
school tests studied for
date nights and watching the sunset
Sabbath walks on the pier

other times, the attachment transcends these moments and expresses itself through a connection with something greater than ourselves .. .. . .. .
awe at the majesty of God's creation
insignificance as one gazes at the never ending horizon
natural beauty encompassed in its topaz waters
emotional and stress release
respect for nature as one discovers natural ice sculptures encasing piers
serenity found on its stretches of endless sand
amazement and awe at its monstrous sand dunes towering above creation

yet still other times, different feelings evolve as one watches the waves crash upon lighthouses and cascade across sandy shores ... . ... .
pride in being a small part in the states uniqueness
passion for remaining in the lakes presence - forever.
personalizing the scent of its shores 
privilege at having it as an ever present option, any time of the year
identifying with seagulls 
embracing the quaint culture of Michigan coastal towns

no matter the reason, we always come back and remain just a little longer to enjoy whatever it is that
first drew us . .. .. .. .... .
it is truly difficult to express a Michiganders love of The Lake in words .. ... . perhaps it's because it simply satisfies the soul.
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