Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Royals, Renos, and Relaxation

I have changed the three R's for summer purposes... they are Royals and everything Kate Middleton Renovations which is currently ALL of my life this summer and Relaxation which is what I am doing when I am not renovating :)

Aren't you sad we don't have such an incredible role model for modest, classy, beautiful fashion in Hollywood? I am always depressed when I realize that Kate is not ours - ha! I know, I know, she has a royal weight of pressure to be everything the Nation needs her to be and we don't have those types of things in our country because we created something awesome, but she pulls it off so stinkin tastefully and makes Britain look oh so good! Really, I am an emphatically patriotic American, I just wish we dressed better! Sadly, her wardrobe is not exactly isync or in budget, for my lifestyle otherwise you bet your bottom dollar I would totally be snatching up her wardrobe at some action! Just finished watching her and Williams presentation of the baby ... so beautiful. 
I know I mentioned that I would be doing a LOT of home renovations throughout this summer since we just our first fixer-upper! I began sharing them on here until I realized that I am probably going to have more than I want or you want to read on my teacher blog. SO.... I started a new blog for all my un-teacher related items including our home Reno. If any of you are interested, we are in the process of renovating our kitchen and our main downstairs bath. Here is a picture just to tease you on coming over to my other blog ..... 
Relaxation: at home.
This has been the first summer where my husband has had to work. That sounds bad, like he's lazy - ha! Not the case. We have both always worked through the summer all through college. He laid hardwood floor for goodness sake and I worked at summer camp. But these weren't really jobs, we vacationed and always had month long adventures ... This year he has a REAL job. You see, my parents are teachers, I am a teacher, his parents are teachers ... I remember the day I realized that people in the world did not have summers off - it was a terrifying moment ;) However, also being from a teacher home, one quickly realizes that other people tend to make more money than you considering our moms were stay at home moms while we grew up! And so, my handsome, smart, and totally incredible man became a ..... Physical Therapist! Not a teacher. He is now realizing his loss. And really, its a loss he isn't very happy about. All that to say this is the first summer where I have not really done anything minus a week at Mackinac (post on that later) - which, please don't shoot me, is a lot for most people I know! Remember where I am coming from though ;) and ... wait for it! It has been quite RELAXING and we have both enjoyed it very much! 
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