Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall Poems and Leaf Rubbings

Using figurative language, along with the different parts of speech, we wrote Fall poems describing HOW the season of fall comes and WHAT it brings with it. 
First we filled in a graphic organizer labeling NOUNS, VERBS, ADJECTIVES, and PHRASES that reminded us of Fall (or Autumn)When doing the verbs, I liked to have a bucket of leaves on hand to be able to throw them up and have the kids write what the leaves are doing (dances, twirls, spins, floats, etc.) 
 Once we have completed the boxes, students then use their brainstorming to fill in the figurative language poem. I provide sentence stems for students to fill in. I feel that this helps students get a feel for good poetry, gives them practice, and still allows for freedom within correct poetry structure.
If you are interested in getting the handout, check out my TPT for a FREEBIE! 
 Then, we did leaf rubbings and placed them behind the poems.  
Do you ever do "sentence stem" poetry with your students? 
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