Monday, December 22, 2014

Project Christmas

Vocabulary Word of the Day = Blessing 
For the past few years, every Christmas, our two fifth grade classes choose a community service project to support. This year, we decided to help Toys for Tots. We spend two weeks selling Candy Canes at school. The kiddos sell candy canes at 25 cents specialty canes at 50 cents for ten minutes before school starts in the morning with a partner and tally the amount. 
 During morning work they sold to fifth graders and counted up money. Then, during math class, we looked at how many candy canes we sold, how much money we made, what the total was, and what our current profit was. Slowly, our chart grew and grew ...
This year, we profited $524!!! 
What an incredible experience we had this year for our project!  
This last Thursday, our entire fifth grade team - 46 students, 6 chaperons, and 2 teachers traveled to Walmart with a budget and a plan. When we arrived, we were greeted by Walmart employees who presented us with an additional $100 to spend! The students shopped with their chaperons, picking out toys to donate. While shopping, a Hershey Chocolate representative decided to support our project by presenting us with an additional $100 cash on the spot! Walmart also provided us with cookies, punch, and a mini stocking for each kid to enjoy during their shopping trip. We were all blessed by the experience and the support we received from our community in helping with this great project! We dropped off the toys at our Lions Club to be distributed though the Toys for Tots program.  

Does your class do any community service activities during the year, I would love to hear about them! 
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