Sunday, February 21, 2016

Educational Fantasy Football Draft

Our group this is very boy heavy which has challenged me to think outside of the box concerning engagement. This particular group of boys is VERY into sports, so that has been a constant theme for many activities throughout the year. 
This fun football inspired activity that will really engage BOYS and could be used year round for test review or as a fun Super Bowl/homecoming activity! 
I found THIS awesome post by Hands On Math a few years ago. I had been brewing this idea for a while and put it into action for our Fall Football Homecoming Celebration.
I will admit, this activity took QUITE a bit of preparation, however, it was totally Worth. It. and how I have it for future groups :)
Using ESPN fantasy rankings, I created cards with a players picture, his ranking #, name, and team. I chose 24 players for each position needed on a fantasy football team. Normally, you would pick more than one of certain positions, but for this activity, students will need only one of each position, with a total of six. 
For each position, we assigned a subject. 
Quarterback - social studies
Running Back - math 
Wide Receiver - reading  
Tight End - science
Kicker - ELA
Defensive Team - math 
My partner teacher came up with the questions for math and science and I did the others. For each position, we created one or two questions for students to answer. These we printed on envelop labels and placed them upside down on the back of each player. 
We created a fantasy draft order with our table groups. Students were dismissed in increments of 30 seconds to roam independently between the two classrooms choosing players. 
In order to keep their player, they needed to remove the player from the wall, find a desk, and answer the question. Only after answering, were they allowed to continue "drafting". 
 They had SO. MUCH. FUN. reviewing different standards in each subject. I honestly do not think I have ever seen a group of boys more excited about answering questions on their learning. It was an excellent activity for our football homecoming celebration! This idea could also be used for test prep review or as a testing celebration. 
Some fun shots from homecoming earlier this year!
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