Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"If we are to have a war, let it begin here!"

The first "battle" of the Revolution occurs on a small green in the town of Lexington. In true hands-on style, we took to the "field" and had a mock paper wad battle. 

After taking a close look at the beginning skirmishes at Lexington and Concord, I had the students research the top ten most noted/important battles of the Revolution. 

Students worked with their partners to collect data on who were the leaders involved for both the British and American forces, where and when the battle occurred, the force number/casualties/captured, and the outcome of the battle.

Then students worked together to write a five sentence summary that should include who, did what, where, when, why and then 4 sentences of HOW (First, Next, Then, Finally). 

After their research and summary, the students worked in pairs to create a battle plan of their specific battle. They could make up their own or research online and find the actual battle map layout of what happened. The final battle plan needed to include their summary, the casualties/generals/prisoners for each side, and the title. 

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