Monday, September 19, 2011

Writing Journals

    I am a huge fan of writing and reading workshop, however, my district provides only a basel reading program (NOT COOL). This year, we have a new principal who is VERY supportive of me trying out a writing workshop and a reading workshop. Loads of research later, I have a random spread of ideas that I am attempting this year in my classroom concerning workshops. I am ALWAYS looking for mini lesson ideas!! I am incorporating a myriad of ideas from Lucy Caulkins, Ralph Fletcher, the Sisters (currently doing CAFE, thinking of starting the DAILY 5 next year) and many others into my instruction.
    For writing workshop we started this week by personalizing our writers notebooks and discussing that we are ALL writers. The students did a FANTASTIC job of making these special and completely theirs!
            here are a few of my favorites ...

Any ideas for good blogs or websites for lesson ideas, mini lessons, effective teachers, etc. 
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