Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mary Poppins - the bag lady!

I am linking up with The Inspired Apple's Teacher Bag Link Party! I love taking a peek into other teacher's bags and feeling better about my own accumulation of bags both at home and at school :)   
     With it being the weekend, my bags are fairly empty since I try to only bring my plans home to get done and leave activity planning to week day evenings. Otherwise, the insides of my bags would probably be a bit more full of RANDOM crap for lessons and activities (and I will probably add a couple of bags come Monday).
      I love my day-to-day Vera Bradley teacher bag, however I also adore reusable bags to carry all the other tidbits I drag between home and school (there are seriously some days where I have three of these on top of my teacher bag!). I always end up with a ton of writing utensils that range from highlighters and pens to my favorite purple felt tipped markers (of which I am currently carrying 3!) Other items include burts bees chap stick (essential for the coming season!), my writer's notebook - which I try and take home to write in every night to model writing for my students, my lesson plan binder, adorable Dr. Seuss bookmarks I got for my kiddos, Lucy Caulkin's writer's workshop mini-lesson book for weekend planning along with some social studies lapbook cutout books, sweet pumpkin garlands that I got at the dollar store Friday afternoon, cell phone - duel purpose = watch, my Sigg water bottle, lotion, robot stickers :), my keys and VB wallet, lots of extra bobby pins and hair ties for fly-aways and emergency up-do's! scotch tape, scissors, travel mug (for my morning chi lattes), and a sweater - since I always seem to get cold!

Teacher bags are simply Mary Poppin bags - stuffed to the brim with teacher essentials, treats, and surprises! This may have to be the next bag that is added to my growing collection *grin*
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