Monday, January 30, 2012

My Life: Display Case and a little about ME

     Our art teacher is in charge of the display case in the hallway - usually it contains children's art (it will soon house the kiddos "empty bowls") but recently, all their art work has been hang-able (word??) so she had teacher's from each grade level fill it with things that told a little about themselves. This month it was me and my partner teacher's turn. She has the bottom two shelves, I have the top.

I thought I would use this as a catapult to share a little about myself on here ...make my blog a bit more personal *grin*
  • Abraham Lincoln Bust = I am a complete history dork, particularly American history (Civil War) and European Renaissance and Reformation (Henry VIII Tudor dynasty). The dream is to get my maters in it some day *crossing fingeres* 
  • Leotard and handstand picture = I am/ want to still be/ was a gymnast. Throughout high school and college I traveled with a team - see my post Cheerleading/Gymnastics to see what we did. I still try and get a handstand or hand to hand in with the hubby any place I can :)
  • Owl bag = I love all things owls! Not really the real ones though ... *go figure!* 
  • Painting with flowers = I love to paint with arylics - I never have time any more it seems and that makes me sad ...
  • Banana Grams = ADORE this game! That and ANY kind of trivia game!
  • Big cream flower = I absolutely love BIG flowers in my hair - they make any outfit snazzy! 
  • Picture of the hubby and I in Colorado with a BURTON DVD = Snowboarding is our winter sport! We love the slopes! 
  • Packers Helmet = Daddy's little girl - I bleed green and gold!
  • Michigan Ball = GO BLUE! because this is home :) 
  • Chicago White Sox = because Grandma made me a fan :) 
  • Detroit Pistons = because of my husband ... never really cared for b-ball before 
  • Detroit Red Wings = ^^^^^^^^^^
  • Yellow Heel = Heels are my FAV - but sadly I cannot make it in them through a whole school day so they remain hidden in my closet the majority of the time :(
  • Scarlet Pimpernel = FAVORITE MOVIE, seriously, if you have never seen this movie - DO IT! (make sure you watch the one with Jane Seymour in it!)
  • Tennis Racket = I enjoy playing all sports (except basketball) my racket was the easiest to display ...
  • In the pink frame = Dudley - my kitty, our surprise gift from God this winter ... he is slowly melting my heart :)
  • Books = "Pride and Prejudice" and "Sense and Sensibility" - Adore Jane Austin, and any historical fiction
  • White bird = I love birds! My house is filled with them ... decorative ones that is :)
  • Family photo = my family is SO important to me! LOVE THEM! 
  • Embroidered Hawaii picture = Kauai is my most favorite place in the whole world! 
  • In the green frame = my hunky hubby and I at our friends wedding
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