Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MISSION: Tie-dying

     Our P.E. teacher thought it would be cute for the fifth graders to have matching t-shirts for our track and field day - we agreed! The kids voted on purple tie-dye {purple and white are our school colors}. It was QUITE an epic adventure but the kids were troopers and the whole operation went surprisingly smooth!
     First, we gave the kids a brief mini-lesson on different tie-dying shape techniques then gave them a TON LOAD of rubber bands - needless to say, they went wild with them!
Next phase: Outdoors - we set things up with special helpers while the kids ran off some steam. .. .. .
FAB partner teacher giving the kiddos instructions
It looked like quite a factory production out on the front lawn - but that is what we in fifth grade strive for, making amusing scenes for the rest of the world and having a GRAND time doing it ourselves :)
We had had hot water boiling in hot chocolate makers all morning. We poured that, along with the PURPLE dye into trash cans ... ... . . ..

... . .  dropped the shirts into the cans and had kids "smoosh" them down with paint sticks ... .. .. .
.. . .. untied the rubber bands and hung them out on our recess fence with clothespins ... ... . .. .

They turned out AMAZING! 
We are going to be joggin' IN STYLE around that track ;) 

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