Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bucket List Linky Party

A Cupcake for the Teacher is throwing a cute and practical linky party - Summer Bucket List. Hopefully this will resemble some sort of accountability for me as I head into a once again, BUSY summer!

1. Actually go to the GYM! Now that I will be having some more days free {and I won't be tired and lazy after a day of work - cough cough} I'm going to try and get this body back into summer swimsuit and 24 year old obtainability. Your only young once, better look the best you can be right? {Self control I'm going to NEED YOU!}
2. Plan out my "thematic" reading/writing/social studies unit plans. I have already started integrating the three subjects {the only three I teach} but am wanting more organized/planned units. I plan on mapping out my curriculum based off the standards and our district maps, then using resources such as books and blogs to line everything up. This may be a lofty goal, but hey, SHOOT FOR THE MOON CAUSE IF YOU FAIL YOU FALL AMONG THE STARS {high school motto anyone? these are the moments you apply them - grin}
3. Buy a house - or at least look seriously with a relator at some small lake houses we are interested in. The MR. and I are very excited about finally getting our first place and enjoying a YARD. He is a true blue Michigander and though the house may be small in size, we WILL live on a lake. Yes sir. Can't really complain can I?
4. Blog more! During the school year I completely spazz out blogging. Seriously, I don't know how some of you do it! I can barely keep my head above water as it is without the addition of posting what is going on in my life! Props to all of you - and perseverance for me.
5. Spend LOTS of time at the lake! My husband and I generally spend our ENTIRE summer on one Michigan Lake or another ... however, this summer he is doing his LAST P.T. clinical near our best friends in Missouri so we will be spending our "lake time" at Lake of the Ozarks! I'm happy just as long as it's a lake!
6. Plan my classroom theme for next year ... contemplating SUPER HEROS - but playing off of historical characters since I'm trying integration. Maybe SUPER HEROS THROUGH HISTORY? Whatever I do, I know that there will be some pop art gracing my walls ...
7. Utilize tips from Clutterfree Classroom since Lord knows I have FAILED in the area of organization the past two years. It's embarrassing actually. Moving on.
8. Hook my desks together with cable ties so they can not move all over the room!  The only thing is I like to move students around until I find a good fit.  I guess they would have to switch desks since I can't move them.  Hmmmm?
First Grade Factory - click above to her post.
Thank you Little Priorities for this AMAZING IDEA from your bucket list!
9. Create a Learning Goal Binder
and use it to make a FAB learning goal board similar to this from the fabulous Runde'sRoom:
10. Make a teacher organization box {part of my organization gig} - similar to this one by 4thGradeFrolics
11. BUY A CAMERA! SO my blog pictures can look DECENT. Camera phone's are amazing {what up instagram} but they are not the best for blog pictures . . ... Time to invest. 

BUSY summer ahead of me! ONE MORE WEEK BABY! 

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