Sunday, June 3, 2012

Revolutionary War WAX MUSEUM!

I know I'm a little late on the draw ... but these last few weeks always catch up with me TOO FAST! Here is the update on our 5th grade Early American Wax Museum!

The kiddos did an absolutely OUTSTANDING job at the Wax Museum. This teacher is SO proud!
If you haven't read any previous blogs about what this is all about, the kids pick someone that we have studied this year from Early America and create a research paper {and Biography poster} on them.

We then spend a LOT of time practicing and memorizing this {they were about 1-2 minutes long} Kids are required to bring at least one prop and are encouraged to wear a costume {or as much of one as they had - ex. white t-shirt can be manipulated into anything!} Then we raid my costume closet full of old clothes I used to dress up in when I was a kid and finish off the kids who were unable to obtain certain parts of their wardrobe or prop.

The kids than stand in the hallway and freeze like wax figurines and wait for someone to push their "button" for them to "come alive" and share their speech ... then go "back to sleep."Other classes are invited to attend as well as parents, grandparents and other student relatives!

Here are some of our characters this year ... .. .. . ....   .

 Abigail Adams coming to life: "Oh Hello, I was just writing a letter to my husband John ..." 
 Queen Isabella - sent Christopher Columbus to the New World
This little gal came to us FROM SPAIN this year and started her speech out in spanish - adorable!
 Thomas Jefferson - author of the Declaration of Independence
 King George 3rd - British king during the American Revolution {notice all the tax money at his feet?} He was a popular character among the kids due to his "bad guy" reputation - these are the two "Georges" from my two different 5th grade classes
Paul Revere - Horse and all {LOVE IT!} 
"The British are Coming! The British are COMING!"
 Betsy Ross making her flag
 Benjamin Franklin - inventor of the lightning rod and bifocal glasses 
{loving this kids spectacles!}
 Squanto - did you know he had blond hair?! Me neither!
 Molly "Pitcher" Hayes - serving water from her bucket to thirsty injured men on
the battle field!
 Pocahontas starting a fire
Christopher Columbus - using his compass to discover America {the hat makes him look a bit more Charles Dickens'ish but it's cute!} smile.
Captain Myles Standish - did you know he had quite a temper? This little guy acted it out perfectly! {and yes, that is the Lorax mustache ... but Myles had a bushy red beard as well!} 
John Hancock - Signed his name BIG on the Declaration of Independence so that 
"the King and all of Parliament would see it WITHOUT using their Spectacles!" {actual quote}

As you can see, it was a MAJOR success and my teacher heart is full of joy! 
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