Monday, June 24, 2013


Officially back from the blogging DEAD and a HOME OWNER! 
The end of this year was SO CRAZY! On top of it simply being the end of the year (fifth grade means graduation, programs, practices, and class trips!), we had weddings, baby showers, and a BIG MOVE from our little apartment to our FIRST HOUSE! It has been very fun, but it feels great to be back blogging and on the internet after the move (sad how lost one feels without it these days!). I have literally spent hours catching up with all of your blogs! SO MANY amazing things going on out there! You girls are incredible and inspiring! My school projects list just kept grOWing!!

So I must warn you all, this blog may will probably turn into a home renovation blog over the summer! HA! I promise to keep sharing my summer school inspirations and projects, but the house is going to dominate this summer for sure! It definitely needs a lot of work updating inside.
Happy to be OFFICIALLY Home Owners! 

and so, here is the NEW HOUSE! Sold and ready to be loved, lived in, and REMODELED ;) 
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