Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Themes, dreams, and sewing machines!

Isn't this the TRUTH!?!
Which brings me to today's post.
At this point in the summer I generally have an idea of where I am going with my classroom for the next year. Who am I kidding? I usually have my theme and decor planned by the last month of school! However.... this year I have NOTHIN' NADA ZIP. 

I have been toying with doing the superhero theme again, but focusing on historical characters and "superheroes" of history ... thought about (and bought stuff for don't remind hubby) doing an "extreme" sports/ extreme learning theme ... even contemplated not doing a theme and just allowing my social studies (which is the over arching theme of my instruction) be the theme ... maybe having the "extreme learning be the first week or two of school and changing into social studies for the rest of the year? My dream would be to have a classroom as social studies themed and perfect as THIS! 

Don't you just absolutely adore Stephanie from Teaching in Room 6's social studies themed classroom?! Puts me to shame I tell ya! But then what would my guided reading stations and CAFE boards be themed? Maybe I could just do them plain with bright colors to match anything ... ugh. 
See, I have no idea. 
Anyways, I am hoping to gain some inspiration from all of you ... we shall see what this theme evolves into! I have still been busy creating things that are "non -themed" items. I currently busting out the sewing machine and hoping to create some cute curtains! I have also been inspired by these pinterest items and am planning on: 
  • Getting my binders to look like THIS (ha!) 

  • Creating a classroom READbox (I LOVE the idea of putting a code on them for student review!)

Do any of you have a system that you use to help you choose a theme? Do you have a whole school year theme? Monthly theme? Unit theme? NO theme? 
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