Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Exploration - A Classroom Tour

This year, I really struggled to find a theme for my classroom and landed on "maps and exploration" since that is what we will be this year, explorers of learning!

So here is a quick little 2013 classroom tour: 
*Please excuse the blurry pictures, I only had my cell phone ...

We do group supplies in preparation for middle school
I found this chart hanger in the dumpster! SCORE! 
So, I found this awesome looking map in the back of one of my cupboards... 
and it definitely has the USSR on it ;) 
^^ Two fabulous pinterest finds 
^^ another amazing dumpster find! Old school whiteboards - 
love how retro they look (gotta love school dumpsters!)
Greek and Latin Root Word Wall - using the program The Reading Olympians
This year I had 4 more kids in my room than my alloted desks that I am given from the district. Therefore, I was scrounging from EVERYWHERE - the teacher lounge, closets, and the boiler room to find enough desks and chairs! It looks a bit ghetto, but at least my kiddos have a place to sit ;) 

Other classroom themes I've done: 

Do any of you like doing themes? What are your themes this year? 
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