Sunday, September 9, 2012

Superheroes UNITE! A Classroom Tour

Following this summer's consecutive blockbuster theme, I chose SUPERHEROES {through History} as my classroom theme! Since I teach American history with a focus on the INCREDIBLE people who made up our country, I thought it would be a great theme to have the students compare SUPER qualities of real life heroes to their own lives.

So I will end this FABULOUS first week with a quick picture tour of my 2012 "learning conservatory".
Entrance - I decided to utilize ALL of the space I could in the room to display student work. Our district fire code is VERY strict and only allows us to cover 20% of our walls, and even this MUST be on a cork strip. We aren't even allowed to hang student work in the hallway {insert crying} SO, I have been turing anything and everything into a bulletin board, including my filing cabinet! {sneaky laugh}
 Entrance bulletin board - Superhero voice levels above 
View of the back of the Classroom - back wall appears sparse at the top but it will soon be filled with anchor charts! 
History Corner - we begin the year with Government. 
I decided to use Teaching in Room 6's tissue paper boarder idea ... FELL IN LOVE! 
 Guided reading corner - this year I have made it one of my goals to really incorporate guided reading!  I must admit, I am still a bit lost as to how to do this {the perfectionist in me is DYING!} but through my constant research and INCREDIBLE advice from many of you, my blogging inspirations, I feel I shall be successful this year! 
 Summary of learning chart idea I got from Runde's Room. Check her out! She has the most stellar ideas! I will definitely be using this to have students summarize what they learned during our guided reading time. 
 AMAZING comic book modge podged bookshelf that my partner teacher made for me! LOVE IT! Here I'm storing my guided reading group materials and Daily5 word work games. I found these absolutely ADORABLE Superhero CAFE Labels on TPT for FREE! and I again utilized the tissue paper. A-MAZING!
Guided Reading Group Posters
 LOVE these Superhero Daily 5 signs that I also found on TPT.
 View of the front of the classroom. Superhero colorings done by the kiddos
 Reading/Writing mini-lesson corner
 The City is probably my FAVORITE part of the classroom! Thank you mom for adding the windows :) It also houses some of the SUPERHEROES through history we will be discussing throughout the year. Also a perfect place for my comic letters! The mailboxes look lonely and empty as they await student work, notebooks, and folders. 
My planning corner
 Word Work Center for Daily 5 along with Spiderman's Web
 Supply corner as well as our homework board, daily schedule changes, rules and expectations, along with our daily learning goals.
Looking forward to a SUPER year!

So after I made this post I found this fun linky party over at Swimming into Second so I thought I would add that since it is all about showing your classroom :)
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