Monday, October 21, 2013

T-E-S-T prep

We just finished up our state testing last week! I know what you are thinking, Michigan tests the previous year in the fall, I think it is dumb too!
However, it is really nice to have it over with!

I thought I would share a quick recap of some of the things we did this year to prep for the test.

Playing off of Teaching in Room 6's test prep station idea, I created my own test prep centers:
Center 1: Read to Self along with a Comprehension Mat that I purchased here
Center 2: Computers -
(an AMAZING test prep website I got from Teaching in Room 6)

Center 3: Task Cards which I have slowly been buying from here. She has wonderful task cards that students can be doing independently or with a partner. For test prep I had them do it independently.
Center 4: Root Word Work on their Reading Olympian packet
Center 5: Small group review at the back table with me

We also did LOTS of reading comprehension sheets where I required students to SHOW their evidence for their answer. They needed to show things like:
  • Underline and write where they found the proof of their answer 
  • Identify whether they found the answer "in the text" or "in their heads - inferring" 
  • Circled clue words in the questions that helped them
  • Crossed out answers that either were obviously wrong or had no evidence 
  • Wrote down their schema to help them answer the questions 
Tomorrow I will be sharing our TEST SUPERHEROS!"    
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