Tuesday, October 22, 2013


There are lots of test "superheroes" floating around the internet. I decided to adapt some ideas that I saw and have my kiddos create their own "testing superheroes" based off of the reading test strategies we have been learning.
First, we created this FABULOUS flip chart that I found over at Savvy School Counselor. We did not use file folder, instead we just cut a sheet of paper and glued these in the back of our reading notebooks for future use and study. I also adapted his cute sayings to match our strategies.
  • Be Prepared - eat a healthy breakfast, wear comfy clothes (and something "lucky"), be on time 
  • I ROCK - inspiring quotes that they could use to inspire and encourage themselves with. Positive self talk for the test "You are doing great!" "You have a lot of knowledge, I know you can get this question!" "Keep going _____, I believe in you!" 
  • Show my Thinking - I write down that thoughts that are in my head, I eliminate questions based on my schema, I underline the evidence I find in the text 
  • Context Clues - I look around the word, I break the word apart, I look for apposition (. , -), I cover the word 
  • Slash the Trash - Cross out answers that I know are not right, Cross out answers that have no evidence
  • Jail the Detail - Circle words and key detail words in the QUESTION that will help you answer the question correctly
  • Plug it In - I plug in and try EVERY answer
  • R.Q. - I always RESTATE the QUESTION if it is a short answer question 
  • Check it Out - I go back and recheck all of my answers, I check and make sure my bubbles match the number I am on
Then, I had the kids break up into teams of 4 and choose a test strategy that they wanted to create into a superhero.
Their Superhero had to have:
  • Name (incorporating the strategy in some way) 
  • Superpowers (the inside detail of the strategies flaps) 
  • Costume/Outfit
  • Color scheme
The kids did REALLY well on these! I was SO proud of how they turned out! I have some exceptional artists in my room this year :)
Don't you just LOVE the little detail .. the different body parts that can perform the context clue! 
 They wanted him to shoot "light bulbs" from his belt - like he is giving people ideas ...hehe
Oh, and notice his "thought bubble" cape ;) 
His little feet are PLUGS! LOVE IT!
 I also added a poster to our door that played along with the theme ...
And, I added these cute little guys as test treats for the first day of test :)
To see other treats I do for testing, and get the template for these cute little guys, go {HERE}.
What are some great testing ideas you pump the kids up with while still studying strategies??  
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