Sunday, January 12, 2014

{2014} New Years Resolutions

What a week back! Like many of you, we did not have school Monday, Tuesday, OR Wednesday due to Snowmagedon! 
Hubby is such a trooper! 
It was like being back in college the break was so long! I would like to say that I utilized those days off in some productive, awe inspiring way, but I didn't. ha! However, I was 100% ready by the end of that relaxation to get back to work, and by George did we have a fabulous 2 day week ;0) 

On Thursday, the kids and I filled out our New Years Resolutions together. We decided we should have important goals that make us better people so... the first goal we made was a learning goal, something we wanted to get better at here at school. The second goal we decided should be a social goal - improving how we act, react, and interact with the people around us. The third goal we treated as our own personal fun, inspiring, traditional resolution. The kids wanted to hear all of mine so bad so I shared: 
Teaching Goal: Be more organized in my planning and teaching - no PILES on my desk! They giggled at this one ...
Social Goal: To be less defensive when having discussions with MR. B. I had to explain this one a little more ... they thought it was a good thing to work on. 
Fun/Traditional Resolution: To work out at least 3x's a week - Summer is 5 months away! At this one, one of my beloved students stated, "I don't know why adults always have this as a resolution. They never do it and always complain about how it isn't fun. I think they should take it off the list!" BAHAHA! Truth from the mouths of babes year olds! 
Here are some of my cute kiddos goals. If you are interested in using the template it can be found, for FREE, HERE. A couple other cute one I saw can be found HERE and HERE
Happy New Years - 2014 Baby! 
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