Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Learning how to be Historians

I'm a bit behind in my posts - this year has been full of craziness - really, like every year - I am always in AWE of those of you who blog EVERY STINKIN DAY! Props to you my friends! Truly, I am inspired. But my New years resolution this year is to a) blog more b) get CAUGHT up! 
So if you see a strange January post talking about Thanksgiving, it's just me holding myself accountable to catching up and getting my stuff up - better late then never right? 
ugh. Forgive me. 
We had a fabulous time (On NOVEMBER 22nd! HAHA) discovering more what it is to be like a historian during our Grandparent's Day festivities.
We have been learning about primary and secondary sources in social studies along with the questions that historians ask to learn, discover, and explore the past. First, we worked together with our grandparents to create a salt dough "secondary source" based on our previous research on the False Face Society of the Eastern Woodland Indians and our study of the Northwestern tribes Totem Poles out of salt dough. Stay tuned for the updated painting of these incredible pieces!
To be a historian one must use what they are seeing with their eyes, what they already know (background knowledge or "Schema") and ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS to help them make important discoveries. Today we did just that as we explored our Native American Region discovery boxes. With the guidance of our grandparents, we touched, smelled, and explored lots of different artifacts from the different regions. We also filled in a SEE, THINK, WONDER sheet to share our findings and make new discoveries.
For some reason, it keeps uploading my horizontal documents vertically - ugh! 
Next week we will be taking these findings and using them to spur on our research of a chosen region.
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