Monday, March 30, 2015

Akwaaba se West Africa!

(Twi Language) 
Welcome to WEST AFRICA! 
Recently, we traveled back to the continent of Africa to experience what life was like in 15th century West Africa. Like many of the Native American Tribes, Africa was a mixture of many different cultures and civilizations, some massive and incredibly powerful (like the Inca and Aztec) and many smaller villages and tribes. 

To discover this, we close read our text looking for the text feature of description. 
After identifying what life was like, we took notes inside our African outline and then participated in some traditional crafts that celebrate West African culture. We also listened to traditional music and played some fun games including Mancala and Queah. 
West African Necklaces 

Do any of you do anything unique to help students understand life in 15th century West Africa? 
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