Sunday, March 29, 2015

Columbian Exchange

After our unit on Early Explorers, I introduce the Columbian Exchange with a short film addressing the different causes and effects of it. We discuss which thinking map we would utilize for taking notes on Cause and Effect and then I set a purpose for them and have them take notes of causes and effects during the film.                                                                              We also identified KEY words for cause and effect that can help us identify them in texts. Using two different crayons, we underlined the causes and the effects of the Columbian Exchange in a short non-fiction passage.  
LOOK at the text FOCUS going on here! *Teacher Heart Happy*
We then read the text features closely, with the purpose of identifying which products were traded where, either on purpose or accidently. Students worked with a partner to create a T-chart of old and new world products. 
Using our notes, we map these products and their routes on large world maps. 

Working with their partner, each student writes a short paragraph about either the effects the exchange had on the old or new world and add them to their maps. 
Later during the week, we act out my Columbian Exchange simulation which you can check out HERE. 
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