Monday, April 6, 2015


So this is how if feels, eh? Prep, Review, Practice, Freak out, REPEAT.

...this marks the first year that we will be taking our standardized test in the SPRING. It only makes sense, test the kids on what they learned at the end of the when they learned it. However, with this very logical notion, comes an incredible amount of stress that never existed back in the age of Fall testing. After having students for barely more than a month, they were tested on some mythical grade called "fourth". Of course, I reviewed key concepts, we learned test strategies, identified test vocabulary and got amped up for the big TEST. 

BUT. now it is a whole different ballpark! 
 What is being tested is no longer a mystery, not for me as their teacher and not for the students. Collectively, we can be engaged in authentic reviewing of what WE have learned, HOW we have learned it, and apply OUR strategies to THE TEST. This places so much more responsibility upon everyone.

It also produces a sense of urgency and drive for students during the year because they know it is looming ahead - The place at the end of the journey where they can show their learning off.

And so, fellow bloggers, as you post about test review and baggie your cute Easter egg and marshmallow peep test treats never could use those candies since my test was always in the fall I join you in the ranks!

Enjoy your Spring Break if you are on it! We started our break yesterday and begin the test the day after we get back - yippee.  
Good luck all of you Spring Testers!
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