Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Warmer Weather and the Walking Classroom

With the weather getting warmer here in Michigan, we are back OUTSIDE enjoying the Walking Classroom! 

 This last week, we traveled down the street to a local park and enjoyed some brisk, but VERY fresh air while learning about our nation's first president - George Washington. 
We learned the Washington had lots of important decisions to make not only as the first president, but also in his personal life, as a general for the French and Indian War as well as for the Revolution, and in creating our very new nation.
We utilized a great summary worksheet created by Stephanie at TeachinginRoom6 I swear it seems like I must stalk the woman ... okay, I might. Shamelessly. But I didn't even get this sheet from her, honestly, I got it from the Walking Classroom Newsletter. It isn't my fault she is so fabulous and everyone uses her stuff ;0) You can get a copy of the sheet HERE
For more information on the Walking Classroom, visit THIS post 
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