Monday, September 21, 2015

Behavior Clip Chart AH HA moment

 Like many teachers, our school utilizes the "clip" system for individual student behavior management. I also use pom poms for a collaborative table group incentive, but I will have to blog about that another time. 
My chart looks like many others I am sure. There is a space (green) where students start every day. They are able to move up or down depending on their behavior ... yada, yada, yada. NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with the clip system, just pinterest it :0) 
However, there were a few draw backs to this system in my classroom: 
     1. In our fifth grade, we team teach so my students go to my    
         partner teacher for 2 1/2 hours for math and science while     
         hers visit my room for reading, writing, and social studies. 
         This caused lots of problems with the clip chart. We tried   
         EVERYTHING. We would rely on us verbally reminding   
         students to move their clips up or down when they entered 
         and reentered the class room yeah right! Are we idiots?! 
         Maybe. Writing down who had moved on the clip chart on a 
         mini white board and passing that between us during 
         switching time. and more! Inevitably, there was confusion, 
         frustration, miscommunication, and always some kid who got 
         a way with something because the system was so inefficient. 
     2. When we traveled in the hallway, went to an assembly, the  
         library, activity outdoors, etc. Students would misbehave and 
         yet, because the "clip chart" was not there, it seemed 
         obsolete for both student and teacher. There is something 
         ridiculous about punishing an in the moment situation with 
         "When we get back to the classroom in 20 minutes, move your 
         clip" That is if you or I remember...
     3. At the end of the day, I would have a student bring me the 
         clips from the chart and write down where everyone had 
         been. This seemed a bit like remaking the wheel. .. 

Brought to our attention by our new fourth grade teacher, we decided to make our chart MOBILE! Oh the joy it has brought us! Yes, I now know, it has been on pinterest, however, I had never seen it before and give all the credit to my fabulous 4th grade teacher! And, if your like me and have not seen EVERYTHING there is to see on pinterest (with the amount of time I spend, you would think I would have seen this) this post may change your world ;0) 

It. is. this. simple. 
     1. Paint a yard stick according to your behavior chart. We still      
          have ours posted for students to reference the colors, 
          although you could write it on the stick itself as well. 
      2. Put their clothespins on. 
      3. Take it with you EVERYWHERE!!! 
Problems it eliminates: 
     1. The student in charge of clips brings the yard stick between 
         the classrooms when we switch, students move it when          
         necessary and that exact stick goes back with them at the end    
         of their time with me. no more keeping track of each others students 
     2. We simply BRING IT WITH US to the library, assemblies,  
         computer lab, even outside! It is amazing. 
     3. At the end of the day, the clip student simply lays it on my 
         desk and I can take care of which students earned rewards 
         and which need a note home, etc. 

I hope this inspires you as much as it did me. Perhaps you are thinking of something in your classroom that could become a little more mobile. It's the little things in management like this that can TOTALLY make a difference in a school day isn't it? 
Sincerely, a VERY Happy Teacher. 
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