Sunday, September 20, 2015

Classroom Tour 2015

School started pretty late for us this year since we cannot start till after Labor Day thank you, Michigan!. Two weeks in, I think it is about time I put up my annual classroom tour pictures. To see my other classroom themes go HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE

Since I focus so heavily on Social Studies throughout the year, I decided not to start with an actual "theme" but started out with our first social studies unit which is Government. You could call my classroom theme this year "black and white" since that is the only part of the room that will stay as I change it to match each social studies unit. Because of our first unit, we are looking very PATRIOTIC as of right now :) 

Please enjoy a picture tour of my 2015 classroom. 
Left side of the Room
Front of the room
Back of the room
Right side of the room
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