Thursday, July 7, 2016

Candle Dipping an Colonial Research

Warning: Photos galore!!
I feel candle dipping is a colonial unit "must". I can still remember doing it on one of our historical field trips in the 4th grade. However, I have always struggled with the time management of it and educational justification. 
One container of wax to dip into + 53 students = TONS of wasted instructional time and a bit of A MESS!
Therefore, it has sadly never been done in my classroom. 
Until ... THIS YEAR!! 
SOLUTION: Get them working on their colonial research projects with a partner and pull them up to dip candles one group at a time. GENIUS.
What you will need: 
Candle Wick roll 
Wooden sticks 
Candle Wax (10 lb)
*Found all supplies at Michaels and was able to use my teacher discount - WIN! 
Hot plate or Old Crock Pot 
Container of Water

It was awesome, people! Not only did they really enjoy the activity, but it helped make the research process more enjoyable, since they had something to look forward to as they were working. Definitely an activity I will do with them again!
Research - Dip - Research - Dip - Research - Dip 
Our candle growth progress 
They were so stinkin proud of their candles - finished product
 And their colonial research papers turned out great as well! 
Grant it - these took a few more days than the candles ;)
 We also created resource maps of each colonial region.  

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