Monday, June 27, 2011

School SPIRIT Week

Spirit weeks have always been a favorite of mine since I was in elementary school. I LOVE to dress up!
We had very unique themes for spirit week and I enjoyed participating in all of them with my kids.
Day 1: Dress like your favorite ERA - ours was obviously the 50's

Day 2: Dress like a character from one of your favorite books - Miss Nelson from "Miss Nelson is Missing" 
Day 3: Dress like an animal - "Peacock"

Day 4: Dress like "winter" - I just picked winter colors and went with snowflakes, there is one on my sweater and actually a bling sticker snowflake on my cheek by my eye :)

P.S. To those teachers who do not participate in these kinds of "fun" activities with your children ... shame on you! They absolutely ADORE it when you dress up with them, look ridiculous, and are willing to goof off. If you are worried about not appearing professional #1: there are ways to "dress up" while still in professional clothes (check out my "peacock" look or my "winter" look) #2: IT IS SPIRIT WEEK! The only thing that a parent/principal/person walking on the street will think of you is that you are an AWESOME teacher! :)
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