Monday, June 27, 2011

Welcome to Colonial America

     Colonial America: The foundation of our Nation. 
What a great time the kids and I had during this unit! There was SO much more I wanted to do, but as usual, the year caught up with me and I had to rush through to the Revolution quicker than I had anticipated. 
I introduced the unit with a bang by dressing up for them :) They got a kick out of it. As a child I was an avid costume collector and have a myriad of different period clothes. They have been stuffed away for years, that is until I pulled them out, de-wrinkled them, and now have them hanging in my classroom closet eager for years of wear!
We ... 
experienced colonial school
played colonial children's games
made three cornered hats 
had a colonial tea party - and YES they ALL had to drink tea
(don't worry there was PLENTY of cream and sugar *grin*) 
watched the movie "Felicity"
chose colonial jobs and practiced them 
toured (through centers) Colonial Williamsburg and what life would have been like 
and dressed up in colonial garb
 and, of course, the back display changed again :) 

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