Sunday, October 2, 2011

Homecoming, Football, and Satisfaction

I LOVE football (huge Packers Fan!) and so I am very excited that our school does something special for Homecoming, even though our little guys still have quite a ways until that life experience :) My partner teacher and I set up a fun filled, football day for our kids this last Friday. First, the kids already come to school decked out in Spirit Wear - Purple and White was EVERYWHERE! We combined our classes into 6 groups. In the morning, we each took 3 groups - she did tail gating games and I did football relays and friendly competitions. I had made these cute little paper trophies to give to the winners ("best catch", "farthest throw", "longest Kick", Etc.) The kids REALLY got in to the games! Then we came in for our whole school Pep Rally and the high school football team showed up with the cheerleaders, part of the band, and Willie the Wildcat mascot to hype the kids up for the game tonight! What a great time - brought back high school memories! What would a football party be without hot dogs? After the pep rally we had a "tailgate" snack (which our parents so wonderfully provided for!). Then we switched to do stations in our own classrooms. I had three stations for the kids to rotate through. 

#1 = Football Vocabulary Writing Activity
The kids had to use at least 5 of the football vocabulary to write a "small moment" during a football game (we have been studying Lucy Caulkins "Watermelon vs little Seed   
#2 = Football Math
Here I just had some fun football problem solving worksheets - nothing fancy, but the kids liked them 
#3 = Create a football Pennant 
The kids made pennants for our football team - the WILDCATS! They turned out really cute, except our colors are purple and white so I think I will have to go and buy some more purple markers, we ran all of them dry! :) 
In my partner teachers room, she did math problem solving stations around the room about football as well, she also had the kids decorate big banners in the hallway that we carry in the parade every year, and she had them play table football with this adorable table football rug and goal posts. 
We were both completely SHOCKED at how well behaved these kids were during our stations. Generally, on celebration day the kids are so hyped and excited that these can often become noisy. But my kids this year are AMAZING - I put some music on (sports themed of course!) told them to work in level 1 whisper voices ... and that was that - a perfect afternoon! 
After school we have the homecoming parade through town and any of our kids are welcome to come walk in it with us, then we head off to the game - which sadly we lost - but it was a wonderful homecoming! 
To end a great Football Weekend, I headed over and watched a few of my boys Rocket Football Game - not only did I get to see the couple boys from my class this year who are on the team, but I also got to see a few from last years class :) They were so excited! I felt so good. What a great weekend! 

Do any of you celebrate homecoming at your schools? If so, do you have any neat ideas??
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