Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Life: Home Again!

I'm BACK!!!

What a summer this has been! I knew that not being home for two months would leave me with little time to blog ... .. . I just didn't realize that I would put it completely on HOLD! The time, however, has been most enjoyable and while I love blogging, it is WAY more difficult to do on an IPAD!

Here are some highlights from my summer . ... .

My husband finished his LAST P.T. Clinical in Missouri so we stayed for two months {hubby actually stayed for three .. I was finishing up school} with my high school best friend and her husband, and yes, we are all still friends ;)
While there we visited the quaint city of St. Louis complete with a Cardinals game, tour of the Budweiser factory, visits to historical landmarks, and really neat and FREE museums and zoo!
Ran and completed my FIRST 5K and Color Run!

Cheered Team USA with the family! {I'm a bit obsessed with the Olympics ... and England} Smile.
Husband's Graduation! DPT K.C. Bermingham! {Oh so long in coming!}
Quick celebration trip to California to visit more friends, travel the coast, and backpack through Yosemite National Park!
All this, while enjoyable, left me with exactly ONE week to frantically set up my classroom - and FRANTIC I was!
The look of "overwhelmed" !
But today, after completing a VERY successful first week of school, I can happily look back and see that our travel memories were well worth it all!
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