Sunday, September 23, 2012

Interactive Notebooks ... IN LOVE!

     We have been note booking like CRAZY this week! I am really trying to incorporate interactive/thoughtful notebooks for each subject this year ... we will see how long I last! ha! So for this past week we have been decorating notebooks like nobody's business! I think they really turned out great!
{insert proud teacher dance}
Writer's notebooks - the kids take these home and use magazine clippings to decorate with things that they love/represent them as people. 
Thoughtful logs - the kids reading logs
Using the idea from Mrs. Bonger's at Life in 4b - check out the neat ELA framework they are using at her school!
Interactive Social Studies notebooks - decorating with reasons why we love the United States of America! 
Found this great idea at Second Grade with Mrs. Wade and used it as our SS cover :)
A couple more of my favorites :) 
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