Monday, October 22, 2012

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3.

     As we finish up THE TEST, make-up and such, I thought I would share some fun test treats I created for my kids based off of pinterest posts I found. I will try to give credit to where credit is due, but with random pins and lots of people having the same ideas posted it can be difficult to know exactly who made it first, but I'll do my BEST!
I supposed I will start with my partner teacher and I's creations {from the days before pinterest -_-}
The first day I have a kid bring in a pack of water bottles a day early so I can decorate them for encouragement "______________ will BEAT THE MEAP!"
 Cute Smarty idea from Juiceboxes and Crayolas
I created my own "KISS" card based off of pin I saw but could not find an original blog for.
     I'm sure you've all been seeing these little "Superpops" flying around cyber world. NO PUN INTENDED ;) They were the PERFECT treat for the kids since my classroom theme this year is SUPERHEROES! Awesome. Since this was so time consuming (ha!) and a LOT of sugar for pre-test. I decided to wait and have this be our END of test treat! I do not see harm in little kisses or smarties before a test, but to give kids such large doses of sugar (ex. cookie(s), suckers, etc.) can really give them a sugar rush which can wear off during the test, leaving them feeling tired, sluggish, and unfocused. All things we do NOT want them to be during any point of THE TEST! I got this AMAZING template from Zakka Life then edited it so it was personalized for OUR TEST!
     Lastly, a quick shot of our ready and sharpened #2 pencils and our pack of gum - which we let the kids chew during THE TEST to help them focus. Works well, gets the kids excited, and we haven't ever had an issue with it. Winner.
 Hope your tests have been going well if you are a FALL tester, if you are a SPRING tester, you are lucky!
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