Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Welcome to Colonial Hoponea!
Monday found the kiddos discovering themselves in the Colony of Hoponea (a play off the name of our school). This colony, like many others here on the continent of Three Riversward (a play off of our town), belong to the great country of Kalamazania (a nearby big city where Mr. B and I live). All are ruled with justice and peace by his Lordship, King Kensington Charles III (Mr. B.)
Upon entering the colony, students first chose a profession to become active members in the colony's success. There were many colonial jobs to choose from including: a cooper, miller, baker, blacksmith, farmer, doctor, minister, merchant, tavern owner, ship captain, silversmith, candle maker, gunsmith, tanner, cloth maker, tailor, milliner, tobacco plantation owner, potter, post master, etc.
Students then made signs to advertise their product or service in the community. 
As the day went on, we had a visitor to our colony - Lord Governor Froomlop paid us a visit to announce the proclamation of King Kensington III and distribute to us our hard earned wages (M&Ms) for our work within the colony. With which, as faithful subjects to the crown, we paid back to the Governor what we believed to be a reasonable tax for the Kings protection and aid (no complaints yet!).
Paying each of the colonial workers
Our group wages
Later on in the day, we received yet another visitor, this time via an internet message/video, where we were graced by the presence of his Majesty, King Kensington Charles III (Mr. Hubs), all the way from across the sea in the great country of Kalamazania, who thanked us for our loyalty to the crown and bestowed upon us the gift of an ice cream party!
Needless to say, we are very excited about our new lives here in the colony of Hoponea! Stay tuned for more events in our new colony! Oh, and one of us was even wearing the British flag ... what great and loyal colonists we are!
In reading, we are working on text structure - today's was CAUSE and EFFECT. First, we reviewed with European exploration - CAUSE: European's Discover the New World. EFFECTS: (positive and negative): Well, there seem to be a LOT of them :) The kids worked with their partner to sit, think, share, write together on the board as many times as they could! What a great review! (and time for me to see misconceptions! ha!) 
Then, we looked at the French and Indian War using this text structure and identified the causes and effects of the war. We analyzed articles with our partners and created a thinking map. 
We discussed how the colonists were protected with the Kings help and how they had fought to save their lands and to grow their colonies WEST! This set us up perfectly for learning in the next stage in our colonial Hoponea simulation.
For the next simulation lesson, visit THIS post. 

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