Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Williamsburg Simulation

This week, we "visited" colonial Williamsburg and simulated what life was like in the early American colonies. We visited many parts including a shoemakers shop, A milliner (female dress maker) and Tailor shop (male clothing maker), Governor's Palace, Raleigh Tavern and Public House, Dame School (Where upper class girls learned), Grammar School (Boy's School - reading, writing, arithmetic, Latin, geography), and a computer colonial persons online activity. Other stations I have done in the past include a Tin Maker, Slave Quarter Music, Colonial Occupation Signs, and a Wig Maker. 

Here is a photo tour of our field trip to Colonial Williamsburg! If you are interested in any of these stations - the Colonial Williamsburg Bundle is available at my TPT store HERE! 
    Measuring and designing colonial shoes as shoe makers and apprentices.  
    Learning how to serve tea and sew at Dame School.
    Acting as colonial governor and putting our political skills to use - Signing or rejecting important (and real) colonial bills.
    Learning how to write with a quill pen at the College of William and Mary. 
     Helping the tailor and milliner dress each colonial social person for their day including Poor farmers, African Slaves - both house slaves and field slaves, middling (middle class), and gentry using and online website. To access it, click on the button below: 
    Enjoying some relaxation, refreshments, and a game with friends at the Raleigh Tavern and Public House. 
    Learning about how different people lived, worked, interacted, and relaxed in colonial America using this website: 

    Colonial Decor around the room
     I am really liking the window panes ... makes the room so much cozier don't you think :0) 

    Thank you for joining us on our tour of Colonial Williamsburg! 

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