Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The colonists have been hard at work in their new colony. They have faithfully arrived on time ready and focused, and are dutifully fulfilling their job of learning.
However, peaceful times are soon to sour, and things began to heat up Wednesday morning as we arrived to posted pamphlets around our room. 
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At the usual time, Lord Governor Froomlop arrived with another proclamation from the King. In it, he stated that the King, ever grateful for our loyalty and aid in the French and Indian war, has implemented a new tax to help pay for the protection he gave. The following taxes were enforced:
        The Classroom Supply Act of 2014 (Proclamation of 1763)            

        The School Furniture Act of 2014 (The Stamp Act of 1765)
        The School Food Act of 2014 (Townshend Act of 1767)

 Lord Governor Froomlop proceeded to remove the allotted taxes from our wages (M&Ms) at first making it look like he was only going to take a few, but leaving those few and eventually taking our entire buckets! This caused a colonial outrage!
 What to do?? 
We decided that this was NOT FAIR and that we had not been warned, we had not voted on this, and we had not agreed to this - therefore, we were going to protest! With signs, angry fists, and even some torches, we crowded the windows outside of Governor Froomlop's palace and shouted, 
 This, obviously, elicited a response from the Governor and he soon came before us. After settling the crowd he expressed the Kings great frustration at our unacceptable behavior and blamed me, their leader, for this hubbub. The King, he explained, felt it was time for him to step in and Governor Froomlop DISMISSED me as an unfit ruler, sending be back inside! From now on, things would go by his rules, sent to him by the King.
He directed the students SILENTLY back to our colony where they were set, very seriously, to the task of writing ...
However, the slips on their desks asked students two questions 1) Do you think what King Kensington is doing is Fair? YES/NO Would you be willing to give your life to protect your colony from a tyrant? YES/NO Silently go sit on the carpet and wait for everyone to join. Once there, count 1 .... 2 ... 3 ... and shout REVOLUTION!
The moment that loud REVOLUTION roar sounded above our colony, poor Governor Froomlop raced out of the room! Cheers resounded as I entered the room carrying our reclaimed taxes and becoming the colonies leader once again! 
In learning about the events that led to the revolution, this activity helps the kiddos relate, in a small but memorable way, the early colonial feelings toward non-represented government.

Of course, our following lesson looked at the reactions of the colonists and their ACTUAL revolt which resulted in what we know today as The Boston Tea Party. 

Peace has been returned to Hoponea, however, we are just getting started in the American Colonies!

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