Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Author's Purpose, TPT, and new scarf!!

So we have been learning about Author's purpose and I found the most fabulous idea on Juice Boxes and Crayolas. I couldn't wait to use it and actually presented it during my principal's observation. It was amazing! We also learned the hand gestures that Amy created. I HIGHLY recommend them! It was so cute because today, while we were taking the assessment I saw a couple of the kiddos doing them to help them on the quiz ;) GO AMY!
 We filled in the P.I.E chart - then we worked together to identify where different articles belong. The fun ones were those that rode the "line". I also created some note cards - while they are not nearly as creative as everyone's in the blogging world, they did the job and the kids did really good identifying different intro paragraphs during guided reading groups.
Today, we took our Author's Purpose Assessment. I finally got around to making a Teachers Pay Teachers account and am excited to actual share some documents! ... I feel like I must share something on blog world since I have taken and been inspired by so much! So, first up is a freebie - Author's Purpose Assessment :)

... . .. .on a slightly un-school related topic, I got the most fabulous scarf - loving the birds! . .. . . . but since I have worn it to school 3 times already it's becoming school related quickly ;)
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