Thursday, March 8, 2012

Observations, Reading Block, and Such.

So for the last week I have been reviewing all of our reading procedures like a CRAZY woman! You see, my principal shared that he wanted to observe all of us during our 90 minute reading block to see how, what, when, we do things. He stated that it wasn't a formal observation but that he wanted to be more aware of what is happening so he can better support what we are all doing and give better feedback when we have questions. Yes, he is amazing like that. He is so involved, encouraging, and supportive- and I LOVE it.

With that said ... it is still nerve wracking to have ANYONE in your classroom for NINETY MINUTES! Let alone your principal ... and the intimidating notepad.

Our reading block, as required by Michigan law MUST BE 90 minutes {I'm sure many of you have the same thing}. My 90 minute block looks something like this ... . ... .
{Note: these are the times for when I have my partner teacher's kids
10:20-10:30 Students do a bellwork activity as I call students over to collect homework
10:35 - 11:05 Daily 4 {my adaptation of the Sisters Daily 5 Centers}
11:010- 11: 30 Reading Mini-lesson/ Activity
11:30 - Status of the Class {Usually takes about 5 minutes}
11:35 - 12:00 Independent Reading time - I do my individual student conferences during this time

At 12:00 we switch gears and begin writing or social studies depending on the week.

Normally, I would not have been freaking out too much over any evaluation. The schedule usually goes like clockwork. However, these last two weeks have been NUTS!
Last Monday - no school {Professional Development}
Last Wednesday - Music and Art field trip
Last Friday - no school {Teacher work day}
This Wednesday - field trip to Hockey game
 .. . . . ... this schedule, while loads of fun, messes with classroom organization,  procedures, and behavior BIG TIME!
. .. ..add to this Tuesday (the day before the Hockey game field trip yesterday) which was a completly HELLISH day ... I had four boys at four separate tables around the room, multiple movings of clips, and both classes in for recess to go over some simple classroom rules. With the field trip in between that day and my observation today, I was a hot mess this morning worrying about today's behavior!

.... .. . ... but BOY did my kids DELIVER! They were AMAZING! All the way through. Ninety minutes of pure teaching BLISS! I cannot tell you how incredibly PROUD I was of them, their behavior, or of how smooth and beautiful our reading block was presented. It was exactly how a good day runs in our room. I feel good. I feel accomplished. These moments of success and pride must be cherished by teachers as to get us by on those days where we question why we ever entered this profession!

and I am cherishing it.

Stole this from Lindsey over at My Life as a Fifth Grade Teacher - it SO made me laugh!
 if only . ... . .. ..
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