Wednesday, March 14, 2012


tell me.

does this happen to all of you too??
or are my kiddos supply monsters ... eating, loosing, ripping, tearing, and destroying everything in SIGHT!

the middle one is what is LEFT of my cute, ribbon library passes. they even had cute little tags  . .. . .
 a teacher came in yesterday, surprise written all over her face, and asked, "are those really your library passes?"
no. that is what's left of them. come on! i did not sit around in the summer planning for my room thinking .. .. okay, let me see, i think i will use post-it notes and ghetto looking masking tape for our library passes this year. GEEZ.

had to vent.
over all, this group has been pretty good with supplies and taking care of things but ... . .. . sometimes it is still incomprehensible what kids are capable of destroying! truly.
so . ...
Operation "student proof" is happening tomorrow. ... . who am i kidding. i wouldn't even have a classroom if i did that!{sigh. smile.} ... . . . recode. ..... .. . Operation "create sturdier supplies" . .  .. goodnight!
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