Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break Bucket List Linky

2 weeks still till Spring Break... however, the kiddos are already very ready for it! I have been blessed with an such an AMAZING bunch of kids this year! Truly, they love learning, are respectful to adults and each other, work cooperatively, problem solve together, and are overall the most pleasant bunch to spend the day with!

However, even the greatest of classes can get those spring ants in their pants ... and we definitely have got um! So yes, my mind may have wandered along with theirs to that LONG awaited break. 

Joining Brigid's Spring Break Linky over at the Daily Lesson Log, here is what I plan on getting accomplished the T-minus 10 days!
1. RELAX!!!! This is number one ... the rest of these are optional ;) 
2. Sleep-in ... this sorta goes with the above ^^ 
3. Visit my parents for one of the weekends 
4. Enjoy a special Weekend with the husband - he doesn't get the break but is taking a day off so we can     have a long weekend together
5. SHOP for spring clothes!!!
6. Search for a new house! 7. Spring Clean - this seriously needs to happen!
8. Workout...we have recently started Hot Yoga! 
9. Grocery Shop! 
10. Get a hair cut
11. Did I say RELAX? Haha!

We shall see how much of this list gets accomplished! 
For all of you already enjoying your Spring Break ... ....
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