Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nerdy Explorers.

So this week has been a spirit week for us which means LOTS of fun dressing up! I do believe dressing up was one of the reasons I became an elementary school teacher ;)
Combine our crazy costumes with our Explorer hats that we have created to introduce our last unit and you have one ridiculous AMAZING looking bunch of kiddos!
Creating our "Ship" (group) flags
 Using picture artifacts from a sunken ship to identify the 5 major reasons for exploration. See more about this lesson {HERE}

Smell activity to identify the New World "tastes" see more about this lesson {HERE}

 The kiddos AMAZING ship artwork! 

The kiddos working on their explorer research ships 
Taking notes together while reading a book on an explorer
 Transferring note taking information to their individual ships 
 Coloring their ships 
Longitude/Latitude and Continent lessons - great way to integrate geography benchmarks within historical content!
I love using this humorous video on Christopher Columbus. The kids always enjoy it and it gives a good perspective on what he and others like him at the time believed about navigation and the seas (you may want to show it to them more than once since they usually catch things they missed the first time).
For more Explorer lessons and activities, visit the link below!
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