Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Life: Weekend - God and Me.

this weekend my husband was away for the weekend. yesterday afternoon, i drove home from school wondering what i was going to do with myself for an entire weekend alone. now, i do not need my husband to have a good time mind you, but not only was he gone, but all of my girlfriends either had prior plans for the weekend, or were out of town. this left Dudley {my precious kitty} as the only available weekend partner. oh, but of course, as a Christian, i guess God was left . ... but, i mean, it's not like he really can do any thing with me .. .... . ..
     sabbath morning, i woke up to birds chirping outside of my bedroom window, a warm breeze drifting in and a most glorious spring aroma. how we have been blessed with beautiful early summer weather in march is completely beyond me - but i've embraced it! instinctively, i breathed a prayer to God, "thank you, THANK YOU! for this spring weather! it is glorious!"
as i continued to lay there - because that is what i do in the morning .. . ... .
{insert: dudley pouncing on my feet trying to get me out of bed to play!}

... . i contemplated taking a shower and heading into Berrien to PMC {my University's church}. after much deliberation, i realized that i would probably end up being one of those lonely looking people i see often that you feel bad for but they probably don't want you to feel bad for them because their probably in the same situation that i find myself in today, but maybe your supposed to feel sorry and they really need a friend or someone to include them in the church, so you contemplate inviting them over to sit by you or eat with them, but again, you don't because, well maybe their in the same situation i am in right now, and it would be awkward cause they really do have plans but they just happen to be alone ... is anyone following me!! LOL
     and so, since i am a "completely avoid awkward moments at all costs" kind of gal, i choose the less awkward scenario of staying home and creating my own "church" for the day.
this was totally out of character for me since i am definitely a HUGE advocate of going to church, being involved, being fed the word of God {especially from Dwight!} and fellowshipping with believers. so, as i lay in bed {yes, it has probably been about 1/2 an hour since the previous laying in bed, i told you that is just how i roll .. .. } i remembered my mom had been sharing about her Bible study and how they had been studying a Beth Moore series.
     now, if you have never heard Beth speak, you are missing out! she is a powerful speaker as well as humorous and extremely relevant to the Christian walk.
reluctantly, i migrated myself to the couch and began searching Youtube for a good talk. the first to pop up were ... . .
1. The hairbrush story {a CLASSIC Beth Moore story that if you have never heard before you should! it is powerful and gives a glimpse into her style and ministry}  - but I'd already heard that one .. .. ..
2. Pressing past our fears - i wasn't feeling particularly fearful this morning ... .
3. Loving difficult people - i mean i could use some practice, but it wasn't speaking to my heart
4. It's scary to be us {Christians}- well no DUH, but i didn't really particularly wanna hear all about it ..
5. more and more irrelevant seeming titles ... . ... .

. .. .. .. .and then i saw, God's Purpose For You. to be perfectly honest, i have been struggling with this, i mean COME ONE, who DOESN'T struggle with this once in a while?? but this has been a continued  question on my mind for some time and the one spoke to me. let me tell you, it is what i needed today.
to simply recap the message {and it is a 6 part section so this is quite a recap!}
  • in Acts 13:36 Paul says, "for when David {she tells us to place OUR names in} for when {Brittany} served his {her} purpose in HIS {HER} generation, he {she} fell asleep"
  • God has a purpose for EACH of us for THIS generation, at this moment in earth's history - he has THOUGHT it through, deliberated about it, reflected upon it, and is willing to give us a PLAN so that we may succeed with His strength. 
  • Being a relevant christian is not walking on a narrow path - it is walking a tightrope! with the potential to rub shoulders with the world too much that we cannot be distinguished, and to become to pious and disconnected from the world that they no longer see Christianity as relevant to their lives. 
  • Lastly, if the purpose cannot exceed the pain the answer is NO. Life is hard anyway, do something hard for a purpose! if we did not have hurts, we would be useless to a ""hurting" generation. 
... .. . .. this morning, i found a more than adequate weekend friend to spend the weekend with ... .. . His name is Jesus. and i am about to go talk a walk along the beach with Him ... . ..

i know, i know. it's cold out still, but Lake Michigan in the winter can have an even more astonishing effect! You just have to be a bit more bundled up :) 
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