Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Potato chips, fidget toys, and Career Day!

Today, we held our first, annual (well at least we would like it to be after today!) parent led Career Day!  While thinking about ways to get parents more involved in the classroom, my partner teacher and I decided that since our school really doesn't do a Career Day, we would do one for fifth grade. We had a great parent response and turn out for the event. The kids were all given a sheet of paper with a chart on it that labeled the major subjects (reading, math, writing, social studies, and science) in school as well as personal management areas including staying on task, getting assignments turned in on time, respecting others, etc. Before hand, we had emailed this list to parents and encouraged them to include in their presentations ways that they utilize these classroom skills in the real world work experience.
The student sheet, as well the the student chart check list, is available in my TPT store. 

The kids were given a sheet with their four stations that they had chosen and a checklist of the items mentioned above for each station. As the presenter gave their speech, the students were to be checking off the different classroom skills they use. They also had to note whether the job required a college education or special training.
Here is a sneak peak at our different occupations: 
Cosmetologist/Hair Stylist:
A mother and two assistants came and gave a great demonstration of how to put in an extensions, how to curl hair, how they mix colors (science and math!) and how they color. They even put a fun little piece of tinsel type material in the girl's hair!

Postal Worker/Mail Man: 
Presented the different types of material that he delivers. Discussed his training that he had to do. Showed the kids how mail gets sorted within the post office.

Veterinarian Technician: 
Shows the kids lots of different REAL parasites that are found in animals! Even brought in an X-ray box and X-ray to show how they look at the animals they are working on.

He is actually a farmer who produces potatoes for Lay's Potato Chips! So he brought in snack bags of Lay's for the kids! Awesome. He discussed different types of potatoes, how farms work, and how the potatoes are turned into chips.
Discussed emotions with the kids and gave them all stickers. Discussed how she helps people and shared with they tips on controlling anger, sharing their emotions correctly, and how to handle stress - she even let the kids pick out a "fidget" toy that they could use in class to help them focus! So cool!


She shared information about the body with the kids along with lots of different tools that she uses - the kids enjoyed the stethoscope! She also had pens for each of them to take from the hospital.

Corporate worker at our local factory:
He shared with the kids about his schooling (had them shouting GO STATE a couple of times - ha!) and really encouraged them to be already thinking about going to college. You GO DUDE! He discussed with them his job of looking at the history of product sales (social studies!) in different countries and states. He also shared with them the different packagings that his company creates including Capri Sun - which he generously brought for the kids!

Clothing Designer/Local Shop Owner: 
She shared with the kids the different inspirations she gets to make her clothes (she takes used clothes, tears them apart and sews them back together in funky designs with crazy stitching) and about running her own business. She even let each of the kids pick out one item from her "store" including headbands, earrings, keychains, and hair clips!

Thank goodness for such great parent support! I was so greatly impressed with the parent presentations and little "extras" they added to really make this not only an educational experience, but also a very fun and memorable afternoon!

Some of the fun items the kids recieved
On a side note: While down in Florida on Spring Break, good friends of ours "bumped into" DuJuan Harris, our new Packer running back, and got me this autographed picture! So do well for me Harris ... make me rich ;) 
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