Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pinterest Addiction Linky

As I sit here, grading a mountain of narrative stories for report cards this week, I decided to take a quick break and join in with Kelly's Korner's Pinterest Addiction Linky.
Pinterest truly is an addiction, but luckily, one that is generally improving many different aspects of life. Recently, I have began trying a lot of my new found recipes (much to the delight of my husband) and it has been making me want to cook more ... not one of my most favorite hobbies.
Two new recipes I want to try:
Amazing looking veggie crepes! 
Zucchini Patties! YUM! 
I cannot even imagine teaching without pinterest now! Seriously, if I draw a blank on how to make a skills anchor chart - pinterest. Want to figure out a new way of managing an area of my classroom - pinterest. Need a fresh approach to an activity - pinterest. It has improve my teaching immensely!
A few new things I want to try in my classroom this week:
Great idea with the prongs and background for displaying student work
{FAB}ULOUS lesson I found on pinterest actually as a video - please go and check this out! It is called Keep it or Junk it on the Teaching Channel. Definitely doing this lesson within the next week!
This one is for next year since we are no long in Native Americans. I already sort of do this with boxes that contain artifacts for the different Native American Regions that kids get to experience, however, I really liked the way these were displayed and labeled...
I get bored of my clothes pretty quickly, however, I don't have the money, nor is it the most effective use of stewardship to go out and constantly buy new items for my wardrobe. Enter pinterest!  I love to change up my outfits and put them together in different ways according to fashions I see on pinterest. It is also a great place to find fun hairstyles to try as well as neat clothes and color combinations!
Two new styles I want to try:
Messy French Braid Bun 
Excited because I own everything in this picture! This is the perfect outfit for me - totally relaxed and casual, yet still dressy enough to go shopping 
Living in an apartment right now makes decorating difficult. I feel that I have done a good job of making our little place an expression of Mr. B and I's style, however, IT. IS. FULL. We have been looking into the potential of buying a house, which is exciting. There are lots of things in our life that are "up in the air" however, a girl can still dream, and pinterest is a GREAT place to organize and plan our your dreams ...
Current apartment style - exposed brick, eclectic, urban style
My home dreams:
I would LOVE to someday remodel an old barn! 
I really like soft, earthy colors mixed with a bright eclectic style
Lastly, I honestly spent a whole evening (while the husband was watching Sports Center) laughing my head off at Pinterest Memes. I love them.
I see this face ALL. THE. TIME! bahaha! 
HAHA! This is TOTALLY me! 
This just made me smile - I LOVE the peanuts! 

 It was REALLY difficult to choose just a couple items from each of these areas .. I have so many favorites! If you are interested in following me on Pinterest - check me out at
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