Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Life: December Birthday

Tuesday was my birthday - my partner teacher left me surprises ... 
she is amazing. 

Treat from her and my kiddos - Twix tree (fav. Candy bar!) 
She had all of our kids write sweet birthday cards for me :) They were adorable ... some were comical...
Student Card 1: "We have all been having birthdays and getting older, now it is your turn Mrs. B!" (thanks a lot! *grin) 
Student Card 2:"For your birthday I did not get you the stereotype teacher apple, instead I got you this card" (Brilliant since I HATE apples ... and the best part is that this kid used this weeks VOCABULARY WORD *stereotype*  IN MY BIRTHDAY CARD!!! My work is complete - proud smile) 
Student Card32:"I love coming into your class to learn social studies, reading, and writing. You make them fun!" (AW!! *hugs*) 
Student Card 4: "Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, but not as sweet as the teaching you do!" (tee heee) 
And of course I got plenty of GREEN BAY PACKERS cards, logos, and pictures! Like my husband says ... If a student doesn't come into my room with an NFL team - they leave a PACKERS fan :)

While I was having a splendid birthday at school, poor KC (my husband) went in for surgery. He is a HUGE wake boarder ... earlier in the fall he tore his ACL, a little cartilage, and part of his meniscus on a landing. Due to his internship, he postponed surgery till now. His mom took off work and brought him in ... when I got off work and came home he was conked out on the couch, a crazy contraption was attached to his leg which was elevated, ESPN was still blaring ... and this sweet little flower, bought at the hospital gift shop,  was on the counter for my birthday. 
I just love that man!
Since he was having sugery on my birthday, we celebrated it this weekend. Saturday night we went out to a neat Irish restaurant and Pub and listened to LIVE AMAZING Irish music! I play the violin and Irish Fiddle is my FAVORITE! It was such a fun evening together!
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