Monday, December 19, 2011

Rosie the Riveter & Dress up Days

Yes I know ... I am blogging in December about my Thanksgiving school spirit days - it's been a little hectic this season! I envy all you teacher bloggers who have a computer at home that you can curl up with, or a school computer that allows you to connect to blog land. My laptop is currently out-of-internet-commission and the silly school block bans this fantastic world from me at school. SO ... that leaves me getting on my dear husbands computer (a net book BTW - not the handiest for blogging I must say) which is very hard for me to struggle his hands free from between ebay sales, fantasy football, online sports articles, and such. But here I am tonight, curled up on my couch next to me beautiful Christmas tree, Dudley contently laying next to me, and the computer FINALLY on MY lap ;) What an evening ...

Did I ever mention I LOVE dress up days!!
Our Spirit days before Thanksgiving included mismatch day (no pix - such a randomly ugly day! haha)

SWITCH day - students were supposed to dress like their teacher and we were supposed to dress like our students. This one is always fun for me, each class has such a fashion personality :)

This year, I dressed like my girls on top and my boys on the bottom.
Girls: Bright colors, sweatshirts, headbands (which you cannot see very well in the picture *tear*)
Boys: This year my boys where basketball/soccer type shorts with tall socks almost EVERYDAY! and of course tennis shoes. LONG after Rocket Football has been over with, they are still trying to sport this ensamble with snow falling outside - needless to say, I was cold all day because of them :) 

We had a "dress like a Pirate day" for a our RIF program (Reading is Fundamental) - I'm not sure if it is Sad or Awesome that I don't ever have to buy anything to make any of my outfits ... *grin*

{ignore the phone picture quality!}
And my all time favorite dress up day of the year - Decades Day
While I have multiple era clothing, I tend to find myself dressing in some sort of 40's get up whenever decades day comes around. Last year I wore a fun polka dotted dress with red pumps, red lipstick and a head scarf - it was MARvolous!
This year I decided to still hold to my 40's love but took a more "masculine" approach - Rosie the Riveter!
I wish my little head scarf would have been a bit bigger - then I could have put all my hair in and been a bit more authentic - but it worked out great!
We had just visited the Michigan History Museum and the lady had shared info about women working in the factories and Rosie the Riveter so it worked out fun - most of them got it. I cannot say the same for the majority of the staff however ... they were a bit confused. *haha*
Our Dean of Students got a kick out of it and had me pose for a "Roise" shot - Fun Times :) I found this outside of my room after lunch.

I suppose it is a good reminder to all of us teachers as we head into the holiday season ...  
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