Friday, October 7, 2011

Excuses ...

Last year, I did not allow myself to blog, even though I was dying to ... but with balancing my time between my first year and my poor, newly, married husband, I did not have ANY time (I do NOT know how some of your first year blogger did it! PROPS!). With this being my second year, I have indulged in participating in the creative and inspiring world of blogging! I the second year, everyone told me,  you will have SO much more time ... Who ARE these people?!?!?! It is easier, calmer, actually ENJOYABLE even (grin) but time???? I don't think I will ever have time to do everything I want to do with my kiddos! And so, here it is, a month into my blogging year and I am already AWOL. But, like every good student ... I have my excuses....

1. Not having the internet on my lap top is KILLING me! It stopped working a couple weeks ago and I am dying without it. I've been staying SUPER late at school (yes, what good teacher doesn't already stay pretty late! I swear I live in this ROOM!) getting last minute planning ideas, email catch ups, and blog snooping :0) This has definitely put a pause on my personal blogging, especially since I can't share any of my pix without my camera cord (which of course I forget EVERY morning!). GEEZ.

 2. The weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE fall! The colors are changing and it has been surprisingly warm. You will find me outside most evenings walking around our little town or playing girls inter mural soccer at my Alma Mater (Andrews University). I am SO thankful for this exercise - something that was also placed on the back burner last year! I am very excited because football season starts next week! 

3. MEAP testing is next week and it has been about the only thing on my mind! We have been doing hardcore 4th grade ELA review...busy, busy, busy!

With these silly excuses, I still have been diligently keeping track of all of your blogs! I have gotten AMAZING ideas from some of you and am excited to share them :) One of these days I just might!

Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful fall season! 
If you live in Michigan ... GO OUTSIDE! 
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