Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Text Connections

Found this great text connection idea in Mailbox Magazine (great  WONDERFUL magazine for teachers!) last year and pulled it out again because my kids enjoyed it so much. Have the students write down a text connections that they make during their independent reading time on a slip of construction paper, share, and then categorize them into the three text connections. Once categorized, connect them to create paper chains:)  I love the visual "connection" picture that it makes in the kids heads. Since I teach 5th grade, the kids usually come to me knowing these three connections already, but I found this to be a great review lesson and a continual, visual reminder to be making them while we are reading. I modeled this strategy with Young Zeus by Brian Karas since there are so many connections you can make with it and the story is very engaging. We are also currently looking at Traditional Literature so it fit right in!
  • Text-to-world connections are easy since so many things in our society today have to do with Greek gods and goddess names (i.e. Poseidon, Hades, Olympus, Zeus, Titans).
  • Text-to-self is easy also - in the story he deals with understanding why his mother hasn't been there for his life - why adults aren't able to always do what they want to be doing, and he and his siblings have arguments - both things that many kids can relate with. 
  • Text-to-text was fun because this particular group of kids has been VERY interested in Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Roman, Ancient Greek stories (i.e. Percy Jackson) and is we made TONS of connections between what many of them are currently reading and this story.

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  1. I love this! I like the visual it creates for connections. I'll be using this soon.


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