Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just a Few of my Fun, Fall, Favorites!

^ *hehe* I love alliteration! ^

      Although, I will be very sad the day I can no longer wear my summer skirts and sandals, I LOVE FALL! 
It has to be one of the coziest times of the year (besides for Christmas, which I think beats all seasons and holidays for me!). But seriously, I love all those "Fally" things - apple cider, hayrides, pumpkins, chilly enough for a light jacket but warm enough to go for a walk kind of evenings, beautiful fall colors ... mmmm ... I don't think I could ever live somewhere that didn't have the seasons!
      So, since it has been MEAP testing week, and their poor brains need a break after the tests, I have been having a great time doing lots of FALL activities with my kiddos!

My partner teacher and I took our kids out one gorgeous afternoon and burned our initials into leaves with magnifying glasses - A HUGE HIT!

I had my kids create Pumpkin RAFTS, a great idea from Caffeinated Conclusions
R (role) = Pumpkin
A (audience) = kids 
F (format) = letter 
T = 1. Please do NOT carve me! 
       2. Please DO carve me! 
Strong Words = 1. Annihilate 
                          2. Creation
These turned out AMAZING - I was very impressed with their creativity - I am currently teaching narrative and this was persuasive, but they did relatively well even in their persuasion considering we haven't gone over it yet. 

We created seasonal poems - poems that tell us how the season arrives 
I would share the worksheets and poem layout, however I still haven't figured out the whole attaching documents ordeal ... darn. 
They turned out really cute however! 
We had already done leaf rubbings the day before so we put them with our poems 

I just LOVE these kids, they get so GEEKED about everything! It is so refreshing after last year when nothing was cool ...
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